I am very happy taking CALL lesson (except everyweek tasks 😀 ). Thanks to Sedat Hoca and CALL course, I realized how important to use computer for teaching English. I have learned a lot of websites, applications  and softwares related to teaching English; such as prezi, wordpress,weebly , storyjumper, gmail, twitter, youtube, blogger, audioboo and dropbox. I think all English teachers must  learn how to use teachnology  in classroom. All I have laerned in this course,will be very helpful in the future when I teach English as an English teacher.

Weebly in Education



Weebly has been using in education for couple years.  Weebly’s editor is easy to use.        Teachers and students use web site to stay connected throughout the year. You can  post      class assignments and notes using the Blog feature and share historical lectures and links         on the  pages. Weebly site is the home base for everything teachers can  do in the classroom.  The students are more engaged because it is using technology.




In education podcasting  opens many doors for students and teachers. Podcasting allows educators to reach students using a medium they are accustomed to. Student today are digital natives. Even very young students have spent time online reading email, playing games, looking up information, or communicating with friends. It can be used to interact with students and parents beyond the four walls of a classroom and can be a great facilitator to increase student engagement. Podcasting is an inexpensive way to create digital content for your classroom. It is not just for high school or higher education but can also be used by elementary and middle school students.




Digital Storytelling help students to create stories for an audience, and present their ideas     and knowledge in an individual and meaningful way. In addition, when they published their  digital stories on the web, students have the opportunity to share their work with their friends, which can improve emotional intelligence and social learning. Digital Storytelling help students  to improve their learning styles.

In addition, when students are designing, creating and presenting their own digital stories,    they increase a full complement of literacy skills, including: Research Skills, Writing Skills, Organization Skills, Technology Skills, Presentation Skills, Interview Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Problem-Solving Skills.

Social Media


Nowadays children use to social media in every aspect of their life. We must understand the power of social media. They use social media to communicate with their friends and play games. Teachers and parents promote language learning resources such as Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, by ignoring social media we are missing some opportunities of new educational techniques . If you enter a classroom today, you see several technical devices including computers, tablets and smart boards. And of course you see students with their mobile devices. But by refusing to engage our children in social media, we will never exactly understand their needs and never totally realise social media’s potential as a language learning tool.




WizIQ is an online teaching application provides effective features that save time and strengthen collaboration between students and teachers.

WizIQ  has lots of useful tools make your teaching/learning easy and meaningful such as Easy and effective text chat helps you to teach face to face , Up to 6 live video streams, Whiteboard tools to draw naturally, you can share  slides, documents, web pages with your students in real time with Easily upload on the fly tool, Course Creation Wizard tool promotes an effective course structure, Attendance reporting tool helps you to manage your students class attendance. You can build  your own question bank with Assessments and Question Bank tool. Add and manage teachers tool provide accounts for multiple teachers and help them to schedule and deliver classes.

Teachers all around the word can have their personalized teaching website on WiziQ . 

Campus Dokeos


Campus Dokeos is an open source web application on  learning management system.  It is a very userfriendly application.  It is also easy to install and maintain. By the help of Campus Dokeos, teachers can manage learning system even manage a classrom through web. Teachers can build up, manage and publish their courses through the web . Campus Dokeos  allows users work in collabotion and learning through groups, forums and chat. Also you can build up worsheets for your students by using Campus Dokeos which I will probably use it in my working life as a teacher.